Henri Cócaro, José Eloy Araújo Cerqueira, José Carlos dos Santos Jesus, André Luiz França Batista, Luiz Marcelo Antonialli
Brazilian Journal of Agrocomputation, v. 2, p. 41-50, 2007. ISSN 1676-0425.
Publication year: 2007


In spite of exist a series of standards about software quality, besides them do not be specific for the agricultural domain, they little approachs the involved people’s influence and the organization. In function of that, the objective of this exploratory study was to investigate the possible relationships between the profile of the programmers of agricultural software and the agreement degree with sub-characteristics of the standard ISO 9126, adapted for the domain. The sample was composed by 30 programmers that answered to 15 statements regarding that standard, as well as information of demographic and social character, and information on their bond with the company. For treatment of the data, two statistical multivariated techniques were used: correlation, and factorial analysis. The results of the correlations allowed to conclude that the programmers approaches quality with a tendency to value what can be noticed quickly by the final user; the factorial analysis results allowed the reduction of the variables in five factors and the factor “attendance and clarity” was what more included correlations and it demonstrated that the variables that form it are more affected for the demographic and social data.


Software quality, Agricultural software, Programmers.