Thais Caroline de Almeida, Ayonara Cristina da Silva, Rayssa Souza, Rodrigo Grassi Martins, Ailton Luiz Dias Siqueira Junior, André Luiz França Batista
Proceedings of III Mostra de Ciência e Tecnologia de Ituiutaba, 2013. v. 3. p. 176-180.
Publication year: 2013


In the last years it is possible to see a great advance in the areas of electronics, computer science, automation and information technology. This advance was accompanied by a reduction in the costs of implementing systems in these areas. This cost reduction allows a system that once cost thousands of dollars and could only be deployed in one industry, could be applied in other areas such as in people’s homes. In this context, the automation of home automation systems was introduced in the 1980s. Such systems are created with the purpose of simplifying people’s lives, satisfying their communication, comfort and safety needs. This is done through the automatic control of existing elements in residential environments such as lighting elements, air conditioning and safety equipment.