André Luiz França Batista, Bruno dos Santos Simões, Taíse Ceolin
Educação contemporânea: Reflexões e desafios no processo de ensino e aprendizagem, 1st Edition, Maringá/PR, 2019, p. 21-33. DOI: 10.29327/53720.
Publication year: 2019


This chapter presents the Internet’s contribution to the management and constructing knowledge in the last 25 years. Subsequently, we discuss how private companies, specifically Google, has determined the way people have access to the vast amount of information available online. The invasion of privacy and providing personalized results according to the profile of each person are also dealed in this work as well the risks of this. Finally, we propose some methods to ensure that individuals do not remain trapped in a cycle of repeated information and thus have access to content that would not be before your virtual reach.


Constructing knowledge. Internet. Google. Industivism.