Anelise Castro Queiroz, Tainara Gabriela Costa, Rodrigo Grassi Martins, Ailton Luiz Dias Siqueira Junior, André Luiz França Batista
Proceedings of III Mostra de Ciência e Tecnologia de Ituiutaba, 2013. v. 3. p. 162-167.
Publication year: 2013


In volleyball, as in other collective sports games, the essence of income is related to the physical, technical, tactical, psychological, clinical and administrative components. Overall, the sport has received several contributions stemming from the advancement of technology. This project proposes the development of an easy-to-use computer application that allows the entry, processing and feedback of the data, with the objective of performing the sports scout to follow the collective sporting modality, volleyball, during friendly games of the team of IFTM. The methodology used in the elaboration of the application will be developed from techniques in object oriented programming with the final implementation realized in Java language. Application viability tests will be conducted during IFTM volleyball team friendlies to provide input to discuss the use of the database in assessing the sporting performance of the IFTM volleyball team as the statistical record of a set of games or an entire season contributes to medium- and long-term solutions to team problems. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to continue the project proposed here for one year.