André Luiz França Batista, Rodrigo Grassi Martins, Ailton Luiz Dias Siqueira Junior
Boletim Técnico IFTM, v. 4, p. 16-21, 2019. ISSN 2447-5998.
Publication year: 2019


We are here to expose the record of the participation of the Ituiutaba campus of the Federal Institute of Triangulo Mineiro (IFTM) in science and technology fairs. At these events, students have the opportunity to be in close contact with other researchers of similar age who are facing similar problems and with the same aspiration: learning through research. The inclusion of students in research development projects shows that teaching is not, and cannot be, disconnected from research, as both complement each other. Teaching combined with research contributes to meaningful and contextualized learning, thus enhancing teaching and learning practice. Such teaching practices, when combined with research activities, provide a differentiated look at education, ie, transform the understanding of the way of educating. Through a historical redemption of event annals, teachers’ personal records and online media news, we report here the trajectory of IFTM campus Ituiutaba and its performances in science fairs, dissemination of research project results, as well as awards and awards. acknowledgments received. Additionally, we have developed an interactive timeline that is available online at <> with photos, videos and more information about this trajectory of our campus by science and technology fairs in Brazil and abroad.


Science fairs; Teaching allied with research; Technical education; Scientific divulgation; IFTM Ituiutaba.