Alexandre Cardoso Silva, Ligia Christine O. Sousa, Marcos Wagner S. Ribeiro, Edgard Lamounier, André Luiz França Batista.
Proceedings of Computer on the Beach 2011, 2011. v. 1. p. 31-40.
Publication year: 2011


Educational related recent research to the quality of programs come back to education of the mathematics points that great part of programs educational is based on techniques of memorization and repetition. These techniques limit educating in its process teach-learning propitiating low level of reduction of the learning difficulty. This article presents the stages of planning, implementation and tests of an application based on Virtual Reality where in which the construction of the thought is stimulated logical-mathematician, having as objective to reach a level of reduction of the difficulty of learning in the context of the mathematical operations bigger of what programs that memorization techniques of and repetition are based on.